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Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

From planning to completion, we promise to complete projects on time and budget. Our landscape service professionals will continue to enhance the beauty of your property and provide you with the image that your company or property needs.

Tree & Shrub Maintenance - Landscaping is a beautiful enhancement of your property... but only if it is properly maintained. Pruning is the best preventive maintenance a young or mature plant can receive. It is critical for trees and shrubs to be trained and encouraged to develop a strong structure.

Leaf Removal - Leaves can be very damaging to a lawn if they are left on the ground during the fall/winter season. The leaves will suffocate and hide the lawn from the much needed air and sunlight. By ensuring that the leaves are removed, you will be promoting the health of your lawn and enhancing the beauty of your landscape.

Fertilizing - The most important thing you can do for your lawn is to fertilize it. A well-fed lawn is healthier, which means it has a better root system to combat heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic and other stresses. While fertilizing your lawn once a year will improve its condition, fertilizing it four times a year will make it even healthier.

Pine Straw/Mulch - Pine straw and/or mulch is recommended to be done twice a year, once in the fall and once in spring to keep/enhance your landscape. In addition to enhancing your landscape pine straw and/or mulch are very important tools in landscaping that they help prevent loss of topsoil from wind and water erosion and can help reduce water usage.

Weed Control - A healthy, weed-free lawn does not happen by itself. Careful planning, observation and the proper steps are all required to grow grass that makes a home stand out in the neighborhood. Weed control comes in two basic formulas -- one for pre-emergent, or not yet sprouted, weeds and the other for post-emergent weeds, ones that are already growing.

Annual Flowers - Annuals blossom throughout the season and many can survive harsh climate conditions. Because annuals will survive for only one season, you can use different flowers for a fresh look. It is recommended to plant annual flowers in early spring then again in early fall to keep your flower beds looking healthy and manicured.

Property Maintenance

Green Solutions also offers Tallahassee property management and maintenance to your property by mowing, weed eating, edging or blowing, Contact us for more details.


Green Solutions is committed to excellence. We define this by understanding the client's primary objective and then responding with a lawn care and/or landscape solution which clearly meets their goal. We know our customer and landcaping service will only be defined as excellent when we exceed our client's expectations.


For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at or by email.

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